A Key to Landscaping

Your landscape deserves the best care, and we are the best available to give your lawn that attention to detail that our competition may overlook.

Custom Concrete Landscape Curbing

Concrete Curbing creates clean, crisp lines between flowerbeds and other areas. It is most visible between a lawn and the adjoining garden, but landscape edging can define a flower border, a shrub bed, a single tree, or the transition from a patio to the surrounding garden. It also helps to keep mulch from migrating off your flowerbeds while simultaneously keeping turf grass from invading decorative garden areas.
Service Preparation

Landscape Preparation

Before we begin the installation of your premium concrete curbing, our team will begin the Ground Preparation by removing any roots or other obstacles that could pose future threats to your concrete curb’s integrity, while also drawing the desired path in its location.

Curbing Installation

Once we begin the Curb Installation, we will lay your new curbing directly into the desired location. We only use eco-friendly chemicals throughout the installation to ensure the health and safety of both your landscape and garden beds.


Border Maintenance

After the installation, we will walk you through all the necessary rules of Border Maintenance to keep your curbing vibrant for years to come. Suggestions as to how to mow your lawn without striking the curbing and periodic cleaning with your garden hose.

Choose Your Curbing and Color

Between the choose of Moroccan Natural Stone and Custom Stamped Edging and a variety of color options, you will enjoy finding and creatingthe perfect look and match for your homes exterior will 

Additional Services

After curbing is done, don’t forget that we have so many more  additional services. From delivering stones and mulch, to maintaining your lawn with the highest standards. Your landscape deserves the best care, and we are the best available to give your lawn that attention to detail.


Fertile & Healthy Soil

Mulching adds a layer of protection to the top surface of your soil. Promotes moisture conservation, improving the fertility of your garden while reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of your gardening areas.

Stone Installation

Great Enhancement

Stone Installation can be expensive and difficult on your own, but our team will bring your new stone for installation and organize that disbursement throughout your landscape accordingly. Rocks are great for suffocating weeds. Perfect for low-water gardens and landscapes.

Lawn Maintenance

One Less To-Do For You

You have plenty of items on your chore list and removing one will feel great. When it comes to Lawn Maintenance we are the answer you’ve been looking for. Let our team deliver you from the burden while bringing you the ideal look for your landscape. We assure you we leave no stone unturned 

Tree Services

A Little Off The Top

We provide full Tree Services from pruning and maintenance all the way to complete removal. Tress are our gifts from nature and maintaining them is as important as the shade they provide. When it comes to trees, staying on top of their needs is important in fostering their health. 

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Phillip Key - Owner/Operator - A Key to Landscaping & Curbing

Meet Phillip Key

Owner and Operator of A Key to Landscape & Curbing and a true landscape design enthusiast. Several years ago Phillip set his sights on bringing his expertise in the world of Landscaping to a new career as the owner of his own business. This dream was realized through hard work and dedication as well as a few helping hands from close friends and family.

With several strong years working to build his name and reputation throughout the York County area, Phillip strived to constantly bring innovation and extend his business with new services and offer his level of excellence in all that he took on.

Now with his newest addition to his offerings, Custom Landscape Curbing, Phillip can now bring the entire look of your landscape together with clean, crisp custom concrete borders that add that perfect touch to any landscape. Get started today.